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  • Creating Your Dream Home



    Recently on a trip to Paris I stayed in the most stylish Air BNB ever. Everything was so considered and thought out that the whole flat had a really calming and relaxing feel. Just being in the space I realised how important it is to create a home that brings you joy all the time. 
    When it comes to shopping for interiors I have never really had any restraint. I am one of those ‘OMG I love it, I have to have it’ kind of people. In fact I’m pretty much just like when it comes to any kind of shopping. Maybe that’s my problem. I never really think about where it will go in the flat or what else it will go with, all I know is that I have to have it. This has meant that over the years I have accumulated a LOT of stuff. 
    My boyfriend and I just relocated from London to Glasgow and I had to fit all of our ‘stuff’ into a large transit van. As you can imagine after 7 years of living in London this was not going to happen. In Glasgow I would be working from home and I really wanted to recreate the relaxed feeling the flat in Paris brought me. So I saw this as an opportunity to start fresh and get rid of some stuff. 
    I didn’t want to just start selling stuff willy nilly, after all I did buy it for a reason, I loved it. So I did what I always do in these types of situations, I headed to Pinterest. I must admit I am a bit of a Pinterest addict (follow me on Pinterest here), it’s a great source of inspiration for pretty much anything. I knew that I wanted my flat to have a mid-century feel to it but I loved the idea of minimal living. Not that I could ever be minimal, I just like the idea of it. So I created boards for each of the rooms and started pinning. At first I just started pinning pictures of everything I loved, naturally, but I realised that I would need to figure out what elements I was drawn to and how I could translate this with the pieces I already had. In the end I decided that I was going to sell some of the larger pieces of furniture we had; as these wouldn’t really fit in the van anyway, and instead invest in some furniture that would really help tie in the bits I was keeping and create the vibe I wanted.
    So far I have collected quite a few new amazing pieces of furniture and our flat is really starting to come together. I have posted little sneak peaks on my Instagram account so give me a cheeky follow if you want to stay updated but I have been documenting the progress and will be sharing that with you all very soon. I can’t wait to show you, it is brining me so much joy already!
    Pip x

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